You’ve always been pretty successful and motivated but you're feeling angst and anxiety about your career. If you don't know what you want to be when you grow up, you're not doing it wrong. 

We're told that we should want a flexible schedule, an open plan office, a job that fulfills your passion, the ability to work from home, etc. but... what if you don’t?

Through one-on-one career coaching, I'm here to help you structure your thought process, gain self awareness through practical exercises, and make career choices based on what you know about yourself. 


“When Lindsay and I started our work together, I was lost and overwhelmed by the career search. I felt trapped into a prescribed role by my previous job skills, and unable to see a future where I could someday like my job and use my skills to better the world. If you're not sure about career coaching or Lindsay in general, I can't recommend this experience more enthusiastically. She makes the daunting challenge of a career transition feel like an obvious step in the right direction, and for that I am very grateful.” - D.B, Software Engineer

You feel:

  • Lost and overwhelmed by the career search
  • Uninspired, apathetic, lacking in energy, disengaged and undervalued
  • Worried you're making decisions for the wrong reasons (especially given your current negative frame of mind)
  • In uncharted territory, not knowing what opportunities are out there or how to pick one that will be a good fit
  • Tired of falling into jobs that don't match your skill set or interests

I will:

  • Connect the threads of your past experiences so you can confidently and clearly articulate your story and your value
  • Leave you feeling empowered and in control
  • Provide frameworks to evaluate opportunities and make reasoned decisions for future roles
  • Ensure your next move is made for the right reasons and not out of urgency
  • Facilitate a solid action plan for accomplishing what comes next