You don't know if you want to quit or not. All you know is your job doesn't feel good and you don't know what to do about it.

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Work doesn’t feel good. (And hasn’t for a while.)

You’ve made some changes, maybe changed roles within the company a few times, but you’re still miserable with every move you make.

It’s starting to seem like you’ll be miserable no matter what you do.

It’s not clear if you should quit but that starts looking like your only choice... until you look at a few job descriptions and immediately talk yourself out of them.

Staying in an ill-fitting role for too long is soul crushing.

  • You’ve lost confidence in your work even though it technically meets other people’s standards. You’d really like to believe it’s more about the role being a poor fit than you suddenly being a less effective worker but you’re not convinced.

  • You don’t feel positive at work which is completely misaligned from your identity and how you want to be in the world.

  • You’re burned out so you’re feeling cynical about finding any new role you’d like. You’re so discouraged, maybe there’s nothing out there that you’ll enjoy.

Let's. Change. All. That.

Let’s get you on an intentional path towards fulfilling work you’re excited about and confidence  about the direction you’re headed. Together we’ll explore what’s important to you, what your skills and strengths are, what’s working and not working in your current role and set you up for your next steps.

We’ll keep your options open - shifting your mindset and molding your current role into a better fit, finding a better-suited role within the same company or taking the leap to a totally new job.

Here’s what you can expect.


I help people take action. You’ll gain clarity on how to evaluate opportunities and make reasoned decisions for potential roles. You’ll get the tools and confidence to make a decision that will be a good fit for you.


I turn a highly subjective process into an objective one. You’ll be able to clearly articulate your story, what you’re looking for in your career and identify types of work that fit that. We’ll understand your current situation, gain control over it and plot out a path you feel good about.


You’ll transform your negative emotions into feelings of empowerment, hope and motivation. You may see your career path in a completely different light or what you want out of a job may change. You may be in exactly the same role you were in when we started but feel completely different about what function it plays in your life.


We’ll make sure your next move is informed and intentional. I facilitate a mix of emotional self-awareness and practical analysis so you feel really confidence about your immediate next step and your longer term career goals. 


There’s no “perfect job” so let’s find as many great options as we can. You’ll gain several well articulated options that will put you on a path that excites you.

“After 3 months of career coaching I feel the most control in my current job and my stress and anxiety levels have dropped tremendously, not because the work environment is less stressful but because of how I react to it. I now have frameworks to think about my values, strengths, skills as they apply to a given problem”
“Compared to where I was when we first spoke a few months ago, I feel great about where I am right now. I continue to enjoy work much more than I did and feel like I have carved out a nice role for myself. I believe the reason for this change is twofold: the new project I'm working on fits my strengths/interests and my mindset has changed”
“Biggest impact? Perspective Shift. Definitely at the top of the list. I see my job, my company and my opportunities completely differently now. For the first time I feel like I can say I enjoy aspects of my work and can focus on them as much as possible. Nothing has changed at my company, but how I react has.”

“Doing the exercises in the first few months gave me tremendous insight into the problem I was trying to solve in a way that I never anticipated.”
“What I received was a compass and a framework. What is my true north on my values or skills? What do I actually enjoy doing? These questions helped me define what I know about myself. How do I evaluate my job, an opportunity, a job posting or even my next steps? How does it score against my values, strengths, skills, etc. ? These questions help me frame my current and future actions.”
“Lindsay makes the daunting challenge of a career transition feel like an obvious step in the right direction.”