You’re aimless and dissatisfied with where you are in your career.

You've got an adequate job where you could stay for life but it feels like it's on the wrong track. Or you want to find a completely new direction but don’t know how to balance the fear of the unknown and potentially starting over.

You’ve spent significant energy struggling to figure out how to make it better.  You’re ready to put the struggle behind you, once and for all.

You’re getting tired of asking yourself “why am I still here?” year after year. The waffling is a constant companion and the swirl of shiny options shows up like clockwork.

don't know.jpg
  • Is it more grad school?

  • Should I stop being a lawyer?

  • Should I immediately move to France and write books?

It’s an awful lot to commit to if the outcome isn’t something you know you want.

So you write your predictable list of thoughts and ideas…

Work through the same exercises and prompts…

Knowing that you’ll go through the same process again in a few months or years as you always do...

(That’s the worst version of Groundhog Day ever.)

Meanwhile, at work:

Conversations with senior people leave you feeling disorganized and aimless.

Why do you never have an answer when they ask what you want to be doing?

You feel like you’re falling behind your peers so you get focused on external measures of success. Those don't feel right so you get discouraged and stop doing new things or taking any action.

And finally, the daydreaming. You can’t help but think about the world outside your job (wow, the grass is so green over there!) and there’s the ever-lingering question of whether you’ve stayed in one place too long... The logical next step seems like a job search, but there's too much activation energy and anxiety to start. Even if you did make a move, your bitterness and lack of confidence transfers over to thinking about any new job.



That’s harsh, I know. But… there’s a major upside here. I want you to imagine this. What if most of the chaos in your mind disappears by getting clear about what you want and why? What if, by getting clear you get to see your job for what it actually is and can choose if it’s a good fit for you?

Can your work motivate and energize you? Is it possible to feel confident about what you want and where you’re headed in your career? Is that too much to ask?!?

No. No it is not.

Here’s the thing, if you had a clear understanding of what’s important to you, you could:

  • Make deliberate choices and do the right thing for YOU

  • Assess opportunities and make decisions with confidence, no regret or second-guessing

  • See a path forward that prioritizes the things you care about

  • Share your strengths, what you want and where you’re headed in any career conversation

  • Overcome the obstacle of worrying what other people will think about your decisions

And you’d finally be able to let go of the gnawing anxiety of “keeping up” with your peers.

You’d finally feel good in your own skin.


Of course you have no idea what you want because NO ONE EVER TEACHES YOU HOW. You’re taught to listen to alllll the pressure. Everyone else thinks this is a great job! You should want to work here! Quit and do your passion! Always be grinding!  You’re taught to make decisions based on what you think you should do, not based on what you want to do.

And if you’re not clear about what you want, how in the heck do you expect to be able to tell a clear story to another human being?

(Oh, that seems impossible when I put it like that?)

So here’s what this might look like in your life.


  • Approach career conversations with dread because you have no idea what you’re looking for

  • Beat yourself up for being behind because you have no idea what your own definition of success is

  • Look for the right direction but feel confused when you think about what job would best suit you

  • Feel constrained by your prior experience because you don’t know how to translate your strengths

  • Crave opportunities to grow but you’re unsure where you fit in because you don't know your value

  • Work hard and have lots of energy and drive but you’re unsure how to put your talents to their best use

  • Follow the shiny jobs that aren’t a good fit because you have no idea what you need in a work environment to thrive

  • Attempt to find energy for a job search but feel trapped. You’ve convinced yourself you’ll never find anything else and have no options

You can’t find your direction. You keep making choices without intention. You experience the familiar feeling of regret and second-guessing your decisions. Rinse and repeat...? Eesh.

Clarity and confidence might seem impossible from where you are. That’s okay.

I know because I’ve been there. I had no idea why I was struggling at the #1 place to work in the world. Why did I keep changing my role and finding myself in the same situation? Why didn’t I have any idea how to explain what wasn’t working? How could I ever explain to people that I wanted to leave and feel good about that decision? (People look at you like you’ve gone insane when you say you’re leaving Google).

Clarity and confidence may seem impossible, but from my experience, it’s way closer than you think.

Here’s what your life is about to look like.


  • Leave career conversations feeling even more confident because you’re so damn effective at articulating your story

  • Unapologetically prioritize the important things in life because you’re crystal clear about your own definition of success

  • Explore opportunities with ease knowing you can assess offers with confidence

  • Cultivate opportunities to grow with every career conversation you have

  • Avoid getting distracted by shiny jobs that aren’t a good fit for you

  • Feel so damn confident about your skills and abilities and know that you’ve got a life filled with options

Get Clear. Get Confident.
Communicate it effectively.

This is a 12-week career coaching program that will help you get clarity about what’s right for you in a job and why, communicate your strengths and abilities to job prospects and colleagues, and create the framework you need to confidently make decisions - while feeling good in your own skin.


  • I know what is important now, and it's easier to pull back and evaluate my current state based on what’s important to me.

  • The Facebook recruiter asked me what I needed in a job environment and it was so easy to answer that question.

  • I got caught into doing what I thought was “right” instead of what was right for me.

  • I am not trying to escape something that’s been less than ideal, I am making decisions based on where my strengths are and what fuels me.

  • I now feel so much excitement and clarity about where I’m going and who I am.

  • I’ve regained a sense for what drives me and it turns out that what drives me feels super authentic and well-grounded.

  • I feel the sense of overwhelm receding.


  • I went from operating from a place of stress, low self worth and low confidence because I didn't have what I considered a "sexy" resume, to a place where I am confident in my own abilities

  • I loved that the work we did together made me see value in me. It made me a bolder, stronger human. Working with Lindsay has made me a stronger person who can talk about what I want next.

  • I definitely trust my abilities and professional experience in new ways.

  • With these learnings, I have a new sense of purpose and motivation to go out and achieve the big things I’ve had in mind for years.

  • I’ve learned I have strengths that will be valuable in other careers, fields, and jobs.

  • I overcame the obstacle of worrying what other people would think when I made a change

  • Career conversations are building my confidence! I keep hearing the same things from people who know me and it's affirming to also hear them from people who don't know me


  • Before conversations about career paths made me feel disorganized and aimless, I can now communicate the kinds of challenges and working environments I’m looking for.

  • While no job opportunity will be perfect, even if it appears so on the surface, I can use the tools I’ve developed to advocate for myself and not settle for something.

  • I’ve gotten so much better at advocating for myself and asking for what I want/need, not only with my boss but with others as well.

  • People used to ask "well, what do you want to do?" and I knew I wanted a change but didn't know how to explain it. Now I've got a new vocabulary for my strengths, what I want and what I don't want.


  • Do I need to quit my job to be happy?

    • It depends! Some people find that quitting is the best next step for them. I’m also amazed by how many people gain a new perspective of their role once they’re clear and confident. The secret is finding out what the right answer is for YOU.

  • How much energy do I need to dedicate to this process?

    • It’s true, this process is a lot of work and it’s hard! AND what you’ll get is unshakeable confidence, clarity and the ability to communicate it effectively. The program is highly structured and you’ll regain energy with every exercise.

  • This sounds like magic… how does it work?

    • It is magic… and frameworks. Though let’s be real, frameworks are magic *swoon*. I’ve created and curated a selection of exercises that will get you incredibly clear about what’s right for you.

  • Will it work for my field/industry?

    • Yes! I’ve worked with architects, lawyers, engineers, clothing designers, university administrators, literary editors, project managers, copy editors, marketers, health professionals, and more.

  • I’ve changed jobs X times now and I’m still unhappy. How will this be any different?

    • I bet that if we look at why you were unhappy at your previous jobs, we’d find consistent themes of what wasn’t working. It might be the environment or misalignment with your strengths or values. This program is different because it gives you a framework to know WHY you aren't fulfilled. We uncover what wasn’t working in previous roles so you can build a framework for fulfillment in your next step.

  • What does it feel like to communicate effectively and make decisions with confidence?

    • Ah yes, the ultimate feeling. Here’s one client’s experience. “The Facebook recruiter asked me what I needed in a job environment and it was so easy to answer that question.” Do you know what that’s missing?!? Feeling flustered. Bumbling around for an answer. Getting pulled into the shiny thing. People pleasing. Saying “I’LL DO ANYTHING GIVE ME THE JOB”. The whirlwind of self-doubt. The existential crisis. (And the list goes on.) Another client was asked if he wanted his boss's job when she left. Within about 30 seconds he calmly assessed for himself that it wasn’t the right fit for xyz reasons. He was so confused by the feeling of calm and confidence that he asked me if he was doing it right!

This is RIGHT for you if you:

  • Can’t get enough of frameworks and exercises. Every decision you make in life starts off as a spreadsheet.

  • Want the right prompts, encouragement, and accountability to find clarity and confidence

  • Are jazzed about getting tools to help understand yourself

  • Know it’s not about finding the perfect job, it’s about understanding what you want so you can explain it to yourself and others

  • Can’t wait to close the doors on options you’ve been considering for years to regain peace of mind

This is NOT RIGHT for you if you:

  • Are looking for tactical support with your job search strategy

  • Want to identify specific career paths with someone that has industry specific knowledge

  • Are looking for someone to tell you what to do and what career to choose

  • Need help making a job transition


Clients before:

  • “I make decisions based on what I think I should do instead of what I want to do”

  • “I want a more concrete way to think about which jobs could be a good fit. I tend to oscillate between no job looks appealing and every job looks appealing. To me this is an indication that I have no idea what I’m looking for in a new position”

  • “I’d like to let go of the idea that my career must follow a traditional path and be open to something completely different instead of worrying about how it might screw me up in the future”

  • “I want to get a sense of control over the direction I’m moving. I want to feel like I’ve turned on a flashlight on a dark, foggy trail”


Clients after:

  • “I make decisions about my career intentionally - I’ve learned to be more aware of the decisions I make and why I make them”

  • “I’m confident in my ability to make decisions without regret or second-guessing”

  • “I’m confident in my own abilities and know my own values so I’m looking for opportunities that fit me”

  • “I can communicate the kinds of challenges and working environments I’m looking for”

  • “I’ve created career objectives that I’ve shared with others so people around me can help explore and identify opportunities”

How many more years are you going to tolerate your current situation?

How many more awkward conversations are you going to endure where you can’t explain what you’re looking for in a job?

How many more decisions are you going to make based on what everyone else thinks?

It’s time to stop doing what you think is “right” in your career and start doing what’s right for you.

Get clear. Get confident.
Communicate it effectively.