When people feel aimless or dissatisfied in their career, it’s often because they have no idea what they’re looking for. Without a clear idea of what they want to do, they get antsy about leaving their job, focused on external measures of success and distracted by shiny jobs. How are they supposed to stop doing what they think is “right” in your career and start doing what’s right for them? If they’re not clear about what they want, there’s no way they can convey it to anyone else. 

Lindsay is a career coach for analytically minded people who has helped 100s of people get clear about what they want in their career, confident in their decisions, and able to effectively communicate their value to interviewers, managers, and colleagues to find jobs that are a good fit.


Lindsay helps people

  • Relieve the pressure they place on their career

  • Assess and understand what works for them in their current role

  • Identify actions to mold their current role into a better fit

  • Learn how to stop worrying about making the right decision and avoid getting distracted by shiny jobs that aren’t a good fit

  • Gain new mindsets for how to think about their long-term career

Lindsay has spoken to audiences at


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Speaking Topics

  • How to design a career that fits for you

  • Getting clear about what is right for you in a job

  • Communicating your strengths and abilities to job prospects and colleagues

  • Creating the framework you need to confidently make decisions, while feeling good in your own skin

  • How to stop feeling stuck, aimless and dissatisfied in your career


“Lindsay is an exceptional talent! Her ability to mentor, coach and teach our early talent cohort through workshops and speaker guidance has been wonderful to witness. Not only does Lindsay have a keen insight into the career pathways in tech but she also understands the unique nuance of needs within the subsets of tech and non-tech talent navigating success within a tech company.

At Workday, we have been lucky enough to have Lindsay deliver workshops for early in career full-time talent as well as our North America interns. Each session was built to address the unique needs of the audience and has created waves of ongoing career conversations and exploration. Lindsay has become our top go-to presenter and we are always excited to witness her engagement with our employees.”

- Kate Dey, Manager of Talent Development at Workday

“Lindsay Gordon was fantastic! Her balance of 1:1 interaction and big group work really hit the mark. She challenged attendees to hold each other accountable as we swapped stories and goals. I left feeling energized, engaged and empowered to take action. "

- Natanya Montgomery, Knowledge Coordinator at First Round Capital

"Lindsay Gordon has that sixth-sense empathy that all fantastic career coaches wield. But what really impressed me was how she brought an engineer's precision to her coaching and exercises. I left with more than warm, fuzzy feelings — I had frameworks, concrete tactics and changes I wanted to try."

- Shaun Young

“I liked the interactive nature (vs. lecture) of the meeting. Loved our speaker! Learned new things about myself and loved hearing other people's insights. Loved the idea of breaking vague and immeasurable things like "happiness" or "fulfillment" into categories that are easier to work with.”

- Meetup participant

“Your session on Design Thinking Methods for Career Planning was one of the highlights of my day! Thank you for the interactive, well-articulated and thought out session that applied design thinking methodologies to charting our own career. “

- Grace Hopper Conference participant

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