Do you feel uninspired or crushed by an ill-fitting job?


Have you spent months (or years) analyzing whether or not you should quit and yet you’re still spinning your wheels?

Do you want to leave but feel directionless or overwhelmed about how to find the next step?

When you stay in the wrong job too long, you start to lose your spirit.

And then it gets worse… It starts to feel like there’s something wrong with YOU.

But let me assure you… it’s not you, it’s the job.

The wrong job can have a disastrous effect on your confidence, motivation and engagement.

Unfortunately, simply jumping to a new role or company isn’t always enough to solve the problem (even though us analytically-minded folk wish it were)...

You have to take a different approach if you want to make sure your next steps are a good fit.

Here’s the catch: There's no “perfect” job (so stop looking for it).

The important part is knowing who you are and what you need, understanding the trade-offs, and finding or creating a job that supports all that.

I can help you shift your perspective, rebuild your confidence and take decisive action, while creating an intentional plan for your career.

Even if all this seems unfathomable from where you stand, it is possible. And I’ll bet you even enjoy the process.

Let’s work together so you can get back to showing up at work the way you want to.




“When we started I was quite lost, had low motivation and felt like I had lost my spark. So much has changed as a result of this deep and focused dive. I have learned a lot and I could never have done it alone.”


“Lindsay's coaching program was incredibly valuable to me at a time where I was at a crossroads between career paths. From this process, I gained a new vision for myself professionally, and regained the confidence I have in my innate abilities.”


“The biggest impact was insight into what gives me energy, how I spend my time, and what my values are. Exercises were super well formulated and ended up being more beneficial than I could've imagined. The program was better than expected.”