You know you want to quit but don't know what's next... or how to figure that out.

Has it been months (or years!) that you’ve thought about quitting?

How long have you been saying that you’d start your job search but then you can’t seem to find the time or emotional energy to start?

Have you convinced yourself that you should probably stick it out til you’re “at a good point” to transition out smoothly?

Spoiler alert. There’s never going to be a perfect time to leave and the longer you stay the harder it becomes.

Here’s what can happen (I see it again and again):

  • You lose confidence in your work so you don’t feel qualified when you look at job descriptions. You talk yourself out of applying for them because you’re unsure how to communicate what you offer in interviews.

  • You feel completely demoralized by the job hunting process or there’s too much inertia and uncertainty around getting started.

  • You get burned out and start feeling cynical about finding anything you’d even like. You’re so discouraged, maybe there’s nothing out there that you’ll enjoy.

And even if you could find the motivation (big if) you don’t know how to find the next step or where to point yourself.

Let's. Change. All. That.

Let’s get you on an intentional path towards fulfilling work you’re excited about and give you confidence about the direction you’re headed. Together we’ll explore what’s important to you, what your skills and strengths are, what roles could be a good fit and set you up for a proactive job search.

Here’s what you can expect.


I help people take action. You’ll gain clarity on how to evaluate opportunities and make reasoned decisions for potential roles. You’ll get the tools and confidence to make a decision that will be a good fit for you.


I turn a highly subjective process into an objective one. You’ll be able to clearly articulate your story, what you’re looking for in your career and identify types of work that fit that. We’ll understand your current situation, gain control over it and plot out a path you feel good about.



You’ll transform your negative emotions into feelings of empowerment, hope and motivation. You may see your career path in a completely different light or what you want out of a job may change.


We all know throwing your resume at the internet isn’t an effective plan. I facilitate a mix of emotional self-awareness and practical analysis to set you up for a much more informed and proactive approach to finding your next step. 


There’s no “perfect job” so let’s find as many great options as we can. You’ll gain several well articulated options that will put you on a path that excites you.

“Doing the exercises in the first few months gave me tremendous insight into the problem I was trying to solve in a way that I never anticipated.”
“I wanted to let you know that I accepted the offer to work as a Sr Product Manager. I can't tell you what this means to me. Just 3 months ago (almost to the day) we started working together and today I have a job (and a salary to match) that I didn't think that I was capable of.”
“I had a feeling of relief and empowerment I felt as I started to imagine myself liking my job. I was surprised at how much more could be learned from my past experiences than I had expected.”

“What I received was a compass and a framework. What is my true north on my values or skills? What do I actually enjoy doing? These questions helped me define what I know about myself. How do I evaluate my job, an opportunity, a job posting or even my next steps? How does it score against my values, strengths, skills, etc.? These questions help me frame my current and future actions.”
"I understand the job hunt completely differently now. I look for curiosity and to meet as many interesting people as possible as a means to find an opportunity rather than the soul crushing experience of constant rejection or disinterest in the traditional approach. It turns what was a negative experience into a positive one I look forward to.”
“When Lindsay and I started our work together, I was lost and overwhelmed by the career search. I felt trapped into a prescribed role by my previous job skills, and unable to see a future where I could someday like my job and use my skills to better the world. With her guidance, I was able to clearly come up with a framework for evaluating my next opportunities. I am pleased to say our work ended with me feeling empowered and in control.”

“I gained a clearer vocabulary for talking about my strengths in the workplace and my needs as a worker. I believe these changes contributed to my getting a new job that is a much better fit than my previous job.”
“I was hoping that someone could help me find tools to structure my thinking about my career and that is exactly what I got. If someone has the concern "do I really need to pay someone to do this? Can't I do it on my own?" I would say: If you can afford to do this, you should. It is not the same as doing it on your own or talking to a friend. I found it extremely helpful to have someone who doesn't know you, who is thoughtful, and who has helped lots of people through different versions of similar problems. ”
“She's not going to tell you exactly what to fix or how to fix it. She did however give me the tools and insights for me to figure it out myself. She helped me gain a wider perspective on my career, and I know why and how I'm successful and where I'm not and how to work towards a better me.”