You're currently in the job search phase but finding yourself unable to escape others' expectations for what decisions you should make. You'd really like to avoid falling into position after position and have a better understanding of why you make decisions the way you do. 


Deliberate, intentional and confident decision-making.

This program will give you a deliberateness and rigor of decision-making to help you make the best career choice for you. You can change your decision making approach to not have a life of career regrets.

Learn how to sanity check your intuition, communicate your value in interviews and evaluate job opportunities based on what will be a good fit for you.

You'll get an objective point of view on what will be fulfilling in a job and help evaluating any decision you have to make in a short period of time.

“I started off feeling like this was my last shot to do a “career reset” and I should be farther ahead than I was or on a different path. I had trouble acknowledging my skills and strengths which made it hard to be self-motivated at this stage in my life. Now I feel better suited for jobs I hadn't considered, and that would likely be a good fit. This is a great program for people facing an impending career decision with a quick timeline.”

This program is for you if you're looking for:

  • A sanity check on your intuition of where you want to be headed (are you looking in the right direction, are the jobs you're applying for a good fit, how to evaluate specific opportunities, etc)

  • An extra boost of energy, focus and confidence about who you are and what you're looking for during the job search process

  • Confidence in decision making so you can stop second guessing yourself or worrying that you'll make the "wrong" choice

  • The skills to communicate your value incredibly effectively with hiring managers and interviewers

“Before I worked with Lindsay I did not have a proper career direction. I did not truly understand my strengths, accomplishments and values. I was frustrated and disappointed with my job hunting and interviews. Now I understand myself and have changed my mindset on how to present my strengths to others. This program really helped me see things in a different way, I feel more confident now to share my strengths and accomplishments in life. ”
“Although I could tell you options I had and things I could do for next steps, I felt indecisive and doubtful any of them were for me and was unsure if I was limiting myself. Now I am more able to see myself on a valuable and valid career path.”

“Ultimately, I've never felt excited about working or getting ready to start a new job. Before working with Lindsay I feared that in the worst case scenario I would feel more or less the same way. I learned to focus more on my needs and understand them in order to make choices that fit for me instead of trying to fit what seemed right on the surface level. In the middle of our program I did make a career change!”