5 Steps to Creating Exciting Career Possibilities That Fit

It's draining to feel unmotivated, bored, undervalued and uninspired.

From the moment we begin, you'll get to take a break from all the job confusion and stress.

I'll guide you through a 3-month process of reflection, self-awareness and rediscovering your inspiration so you re-emerge with a plan you're excited about.



Put a pause on the stress and pain of not knowing what to do next.

REFLECT: Reflect and rethink their approach and purpose, get wise and focused


1. Know what you love
2. Know what you hate
3. Regain your confidence
4. Discover your strengths
5. Create possibilities



Re-emerge as a fully alive and inspired person with a solid plan.



You know you want to quit but don't know what's next... or how to figure that out.


You don't know if you want to quit or not. All you know is your job doesn't feel good and you don't know what to do about it.


“I was bored, undervalued at my job and having difficulty finding a new one or knowing what a career might look like for me. Now I've got more clarity on the types of roles that might fit me and tools to learn more about myself. It was way more/better than what I could have hoped for. If you're on the fence, you're wasting your time....just freaking do it. It will 100% help you even if you aren't looking for a job or pursuing a career change.” - M.L., Director of Finance
“This program was more than I expected! I wanted to walk away with solid ideas about potential careers, and I feel like I achieved that and also learned a lot more about myself than expected in the process. I made so much more progress in a couple months of working with you than I did in the years I spent alone feeling anxious about my career prospects. You have a special ability to synthesize information in a way that's accessible and easy to take action on. ” - J.C.
"Lindsay was fantastic! I loved how comfortable she made me feel right off the bat, she was warm, inviting and got right to the point. Her approach being so structured was very helpful for me. I found the exercises she asked me to complete prior to our first session to be extremely helpful. I loved how she held me accountable in the session and after the session with gentle reminders. Her action orientation and solution minded approach was excellent! I would HIGHLY suggest her as a coach for anyone who is looking to understand themselves in a work context or just having a better sense of where they can maximize energy and effort in their life."